The Kavanaugh Plan: Make Noise!

It’s happened! Trump has announced his nominee to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. On July 9th, Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and set the stage for a monumental shift in the Court’s makeup. If Trump is successful at getting Kavanaugh confirmed, the Court will work to preserve the Trump agenda for decades to come.

Key issues that affect us all hang in the balance, including reproductive rights, civil rights, access to health care, LGBTQ rights, environmental protections, and much more. Further, the next Supreme Court justice could rule on cases involving Trump himself, whether resulting from the Mueller investigation or otherwise.

Indivisible Fargo-Moorhead is preparing to fight Kavanaugh’s nomination, are you with us?

Here is our plan. We need to fight this battle on the issues at stake. Each week we will post focused action on a different key issue. Actions will consist of calling, writing, emailing, faxing, and making office visits to your senators. Make Noise!!!

Go to their Facebook pages and Twitter feeds to make your voices heard. Make noise!!!

Along the way, there will be events like pop-up protests and postcard parties. Make Noise!!!

We will share information on events from other groups as we receive them. Make Noise!!!

This will be a sustained campaign. Are you with us???

Make Noise!!!