Action for Week #2 of Campaign Against Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court

This past week, Trump has overtly supported Russia over his own intelligence community and the Mueller investigation is heating up. It is now more important than ever that Brett Kavanaugh not be confirmed to the Supreme Court. Call, write, fax, email, and make office visits to your senators now! MAKE NOISE!!! MAKE LOTS OF NOISE!!!

Excerpts from this article say it best: “A President under investigation should never be allowed to appoint a Justice to the Supreme Court…There is open speculation that Trump’s grip on the presidency is threatened by the special counsel’s investigation. But the high court could avert that threat. And Trump has every reason to believe that Kavanaugh could tip the balance of a closely divided court in his favor.

Kavanaugh’s own words support the speculation. ‘I believe it vital that the President be able to focus on his never-ending tasks with as few distractions as possible. The country wants the President to be ‘one of us’ who bears the same responsibilities of citizenship that all share. But I believe that the President should be excused from some of the burdens of ordinary citizenship while serving in office,’ argued Kavanaugh in a law-review article. He then asserted that ‘the indictment and trial of a sitting President, moreover, would cripple the federal government, rendering it unable to function with credibility in either the international or domestic arenas. Such an outcome would ill serve the public interest, especially in times of financial or national security crisis.’

In his law-review article, Kavanaugh speculated that his approach would not place presidents entirely above the law, because inquiries and indictments would simply be deferred until the end of a scandal-plagued presidency. He also noted that impeachment would remain an option for addressing “dastardly” acts by a commander in chief.

But, of course, delaying legitimate and necessary legal accountability does place a sitting president above the law. And suggesting that accountability can be achieved only via impeachment marginalizes the legal processes that past presidents have respected.

This combination of facts—a president who is under scrutiny choosing a Supreme Court nominee who he certainly knows is disinclined toward holding presidents to account—is not merely unsettling. Without an absolute and unequivocal commitment to recuse from any deliberations involving Trump’s alleged wrongdoing, which no one expects Kavanaugh to make, this nomination cannot possibly be seen by Democrats or Republicans, liberals or conservatives, as a credible choice to serve on the Supreme Court.

Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination must be understood as the product of a corrupt process that is, by its nature, disqualifying.”

Make your voices heard! Tell you senators what needs to be done for our country and our future! Call, write, fax, email, and visit their offices! MAKE NOISE!

Go to their Facebook pages and Twitter feeds to make your voices heard. MAKE NOISE!!!

North Dakota

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp
Fargo: 701-232-8030
Washington: 202-224-2043

Sen. John Hoeven
Fargo: 701-239-5389
Washington: 202-224-2551


Sen. Tina Smith
Washington: 202-224-5641

Sen. Amy Klobuchar
Minneapolis: 612-727-5220
Washington: 202-224-3244
Moorhead: 218-287-2219