Action for Week #9 of Campaign Against Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court

It’s week #9 of our campaign against this administration’s nomination for SCOTUS. Hearings have been held and senators will be voting.

This week our message comes from Jane Ahlin’s column in our own local Fargo Forum. She makes an extremely valid point regarding the “rules.” The “rules” keep changing under the Republican majority. It’s enough to make your head spin.

Ahliin’s article states: “The Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee must feel like that little boy, because the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearings are nothing short of a sham with ever-changing rules. Supposedly the more deliberative body of Congress, the U.S. Senate—and particularly the Senate Judiciary Committee—is an undemocratic caricature of itself in the hands of the Republican majority bent on shoving through a Supreme Court nominee before the midterm elections. (Chop,chop.)”

“Certainly political tit-for-tat obstructionism of federally-appointed judgeships has gone on for years, but the practice took a dark and democracy-threatening turn when the Republicans stole a Supreme Court seat that rightfully should have been filled by President Obama. Since then for Republicans making up rules is the rule.”

“Most North Dakotans like most Americans have an inherent sense of fairness and know changing—really abandoning—long-agreed-upon rules is corrupt use of power. Republicans likely get an extreme right-wing Supreme Court. But they’ve abased themselves and their party.”

Moving the goal posts is banned in football and shouldn’t be allowed in government either. It’s insidious that a sport should have more integrity than our elected representatives. THIS GAME SHOULD BE FORFEITED!

Make your voices heard! Tell you senators what needs to be done for our country and our future! Call, write, fax, email, and visit their offices! MAKE NOISE!

Go to their Facebook pages and Twitter feeds to make your voices heard. MAKE NOISE!!!


Sen. Heidi Heitkamp
Fargo: 701-232-8030
Washington: 202-224-2043

Sen. John Hoeven
Fargo: 701-239-5389
Washington: 202-224-2551


Sen. Tina Smith
Washington: 202-224-5641

Sen. Amy Klobuchar
Minneapolis: 612-727-5220
Washington: 202-224-3244
Moorhead: 218-287-2219