TODAY’S ACTIONS: Constitution and town hall prep

Today’s Action #1: Read the Constitution

More than 200 years ago, a group of men got together in Philadelphia to construct one of the most consequential documents in the history of humanity: the US Constitution.

If you were born in the United States, every day of your life you have benefited from their knowledge, foresight, and courage. They couldn’t have begun to imagine what your life would be like, and yet you still live by the framework they built for you.

It’s not perfect; it never was. But as you read it, you can see that we keep striving to be a more perfect union.

It’s not magic; it never was. Each of us, from the president to members of Congress to law enforcement officers to you and me, wake up every day and decide that these are the rules we are going to keep living by. How can we do that if we don’t know what’s in it?

On this President’s Day weekend, I challenge you to read the U.S. Constitution. When you have, you will almost certainly understand it better than the current head of the executive branch.


Today’s Action #2: Send your questions for Rep. Cramer

Rep. Cramer is holding a “Coffee with Cramer” event next Thursday in Fargo. It’s at 1:00 on February 23 at Beans Coffee Bar, located at 5675 26th Ave South.

We are putting together a list of questions to ask him at this town hall. What questions would you like us to add to the list? Please email us at to let us know. As always, email is the best way to reach us. If you post your questions elsewhere, we may not see them.