TODAY’S ACTIONS: Postcards and Hoeven

TODAY’S ACTION #1: Get your postcards ready. We’re going to flood Sen. Hoeven’s office with your concerns about your health care. Our goal is to get at least 100 postcards sent in the next week. We can do it, Indivisibles! Here’s what to do.

1. Tell him WHERE YOU’RE FROM. This is important–we don’t want to be dismissed as people from outside the state.

2. Tell him WHAT YOU’RE WORRIED ABOUT regarding the repeal of the ACA. Do you have a pre-existing condition? Do you have a child who will lose Medicaid services? Do you have a parent who will no longer have access to a rural hospital after they close as a result of this law? Tell him. If you have more than one concern, SEND MORE THAN ONE POSTCARD.

3. ASK HIM A QUESTION. “Can you promise me…?” “What are you going to do about…?” “Can you guarantee…?”

4. TAKE A PHOTO of your postcard and send it to us at or via private message at We will be adding your postcards to a public Facebook album. If there are parts of your postcard that you would like us to obscure, such as your name or your health condition, please let us know. If you’re not comfortable having us share your postcard, that’s okay. But we’re trying to get as many posted publicly as we can.

5. ADD YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION *IF* you want Sen. Hoeven’s office to respond. Best to do this after you’ve taken a photo of your postcard, but if you forget we can hide it for you.

1802 32nd Ave. South
Room B
Fargo, ND 58103

MINNESOTANS: You can participate, too, if you want to. Be honest about where you’re from. If you have a friend or family member in ND whose health care you’re worried about, please tell that story on your postcard. It’s okay to tell your own story, but a North Dakotan’s will have more impact.

TODAY’S ACTION #2: We heard from someone who called yesterday that Sen. Hoeven is planning to hold a health care town hall during his next recess. Please call today to verify that. “I heard that Sen. Hoeven is going to hold a health care town hall in Fargo in June, is that true?” Please let us know what they tell you.

Fargo: 701-239-5389
Washington: 202-224-2551
If you have used Resistbot enough times, you can use the command “senior” to fax only Sen. Hoeven.