After the 2016 city election, the Fargo City Commission formed a task force to research possible changes to our elections and governance. The task force has delivered its recommendations and the commissioners want public input to determine if there’s demand for the opportunity to vote on these reforms.

TODAY’S ACTION #1: Educate yourself on the election reforms which have been proposed for Fargo.

Go to and spend a few minutes learning about the two reforms that have been proposed:

  • Increase the size of the commission by two.
  • Switch our election system to Approval Voting.

If these reforms are enacted, they will help the City Commission be more representative of the citizens of Fargo.

TODAY’S ACTION #2: Teach one friend about what you’ve learned.

Teach one friend about these reforms, what they’ll mean for us, and how we can get them in place for future Fargo elections.

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