TODAY’S ACTION: Ask Hoeven for a town hall (again)

Yesterday, the Congressional Budget Office released its analysis of the ACA repeal bill that the House passed earlier this month. The news is pretty terrible.
  • 23 million people are projected to lose their health insurance by 2020.
  • Millions of people who have pre-existing conditions would only have access to insurance plans that are so expensive that they will not be able to afford them.
  • 14 million people will lose Medicaid coverage by 2026.
  • Older Americans with low incomes would go from paying about $1,700 for a policy on the individual market to between $13,000 and $16,000 annually.
Meanwhile, thirteen male Senators are sitting in a back room making deals about YOUR health–and maybe your life–without any public hearings.
We have asked Senator Hoeven for a health care town hall a lot of different ways. Today we’re asking you to go to his Facebook page and ask him WHEN he is going to hold a health care town hall in Fargo. We are his constituents and we deserve to know what is going on.
As always, please keep your request civil.