TODAY’S ACTION: Call and share to save the ACA

We are hearing that McConnell intends to hold a vote on the ACA repeal before June 30, and with very little time between when the vote is announced and when it happens.

We still don’t know what will be in the Senate’s version of the AHCA, because there 13 Republican men deciding about the future of your health care system, and they are not holding any public hearings on it. By contrast, Congress held 179 hearings while they were crafting and debating the ACA.

We have very little time left to save the ACA. If we have a chance, this is what we need you to do this week.

1. CALL. North Dakotans, call Hoeven’s DC office at 202-224-2551 and ask to speak to Ben Bergstrom. He is Sen. Hoeven’s health legislative assistant.

2. TELL Ben your personal health care story. How have you benefited from the ACA? What are you worried will happen to you and your family if the ACA is repealed? Make sure you know what you want to talk about before you call.

3. ASK what Sen. Hoeven is going to do to alleviate your concerns.
–Will Sen. Hoeven promise not to vote for a bill that would increase insurance rates for people like me with pre-existing conditions?
–Will Sen. Hoeven promise not to vote for a bill that takes away my/my family member’s Medicaid coverage?
–Will Sen. Hoeven vote no on any bill that will hurt rural hospitals?

4. WRITE down some notes from your conversation and email us at We may ask you to write a letter to the editor about your conversation.

5. SHARE. Whether you live in ND or not, please ask your friends and family members to call the Senators on this list, ask for the health legislative assistant, and ask how the new bill will make their health care better rather than worse (or nonexistent).

It is REALLY IMPORTANT that we call this week. This is the turning point. We can save the ACA, or we can go back to the old system where people went bankrupt or died for lack of the money to pay for health insurance.