TODAY’S ACTION: Ask Sen. Hoeven to oppose the Cruz amendment

TODAY’S ACTION: But first, some updates on where the health care bill stands.

–The vote was planned for this week, but as you may have heard, Sen. John McCain is in Arizona recovering from a surgical procedure for at least the rest of this week. We send our best wishes for a speedy recovery to Sen. McCain.

–Senators Collins and Paul have said that they will not vote for the current Senate health care bill. That means that if one more senator says they will vote against it (or vote against holding a vote on it), it’s done.

–Sen. Heller of Nevada announced that he would not vote for the previous iteration but has not made a statement on this one.

–Per his website, Sen. Hoeven is reviewing the new bill and has not made a decision on whether he will vote for it.

Today we are focusing our calls and texts on the Cruz amendment. Sen. Cruz added an amendment to the bill that would allow insurers to offer plans without coverage for essential health benefits or pre-existing conditions as long as they offered ONE plan of any kind that has that coverage. This means that they could pretty much charge you whatever they want to cover your pre-existing condition, while also selling cheap policies that cover next to nothing.

CRITICAL NOTE: THIS ALSO APPLIES TO EMPLOYER-BASED COVERAGE. If the bill passes with this amendment, your employer could offer you “health insurance” that covers very little. Your only options would be to find another job with better insurance or buy a more comprehensive plan on the individual market at what would almost certainly be a very steep price.

Do you want this to happen to you? If not (and if you’re a North Dakotan), please call Sen. Hoeven today and ask him to oppose the Cruz amendment.

Fargo: 701-239-5389
DC: 202-224-2551
Text RESIST to 50409