Good news! Last night the Senate health care bill died when two more senators came out against it.

Bad news! McConnell is resurrecting a previous bill which would repeal the ACA in two years, while Congress takes that time to craft a replacement.

THIS IS A BAD IDEA. It would cause upheaval in the insurance market because insurance companies would have no idea what the replacement might look like.

THE CBO HAS ALREADY SCORED THIS BILL, and it’s worse than the one that just failed.

–32 million people would lose their coverage within 10 years, including 18 million in the first year of the repeal. That’s 10% of the population of this country.

–Within that 32 million, 19 million would lose Medicaid coverage.

–Premiums in the individual market would increase by 20 to 25% the first year and DOUBLE within 10 years.

–According to the CBO score, “about half of the nation’s population lives in areas that would have no insurer participating in the nongroup market in the first year after the repeal of the marketplace subsidies took effect, and that share would continue to increase, extending to about three-quarters of the population by 2026.”

If you’re in North Dakota, please call Sen. Hoeven today and ask him to oppose the repeal and delay plan.

Fargo: 701-239-5389
DC: 202-224-2551
Text RESIST to 50409