THIS WEEK’S ACTION: Learn how to doorknock

Last November 9, I couldn’t stop thinking about how I should have done more before the election. I should have made phone calls. I should have knocked on doors. But I didn’t. I was born and raised in North Dakota, and few things make me more uncomfortable than asking a stranger to do something they might not want to do.

My action wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the election by itself, but as we learned with the ACA repeal, if we all work together, we CAN do what seems impossible. Did you ever think that the Affordable Care Act would survive a Republican President, a Republican House of Representatives, and a Republican Senate? I didn’t! And yet here we are, until they try again.

With collective action, we can change things, but the first step is to get outside our comfort zones. Many of us have been doing that already–how many of us had never called a Senator’s office before? How many of us never attended a protest until this year?

Now is a great time to push yourself a step further. The AFL-CIO is doing a doorknocking blitz on Wednesday to tell people about how Cramer and Hoeven voted on health care. That’s easy, right? You’re not trying to convince them of anything or ask them to vote a certain way. You’re not asking them to do anything but call the local offices if they are concerned about their access to health care. Piece of cake.

Andrew Bushaw will be holding a brief training at the beginning to tell you what you need to know. You’ll go out in pairs, so you won’t be alone. And you’ll be ready when we do this a bunch in 2018.

With the size of this group, we should be able to get 10 people to commit to attending. How about you? Will you be with us on Wednesday at 6 pm at the Red Raven? If you’ll be there, please email to RSVP.