TODAY’S ACTION: Ask your reps to speak out against white supremacy

Some of our representatives have made definitive statements that stand against the hatred and bigotry that marched through Charlottesville. Others have not. Their staff is back at work now, so it shouldn’t be hard for them to say something today.

Please call Cramer, Hoeven, and Peterson and ask them when they will release a statement condemning white supremacy, as their colleagues Heitkamp, Franken, and Klobuchar have.

Rep. Kevin Cramer
District office: 3217 Fiechtner Drive, Fargo
Fargo phone: 701-356-2216
Washington, D.C. phone: 202-225-2611

Sen. John Hoeven
District office: 123 Broadway North, Fargo
Fargo phone: 701-239-5389
Washington phone: 202-224-2551

Rep. Collin Peterson
District office: 714 Lake Avenue, Suite 101, Detroit Lakes
Detroit Lakes phone: 218-847-5056
Washington phone: 202-225-2165