TODAY’S ACTION: #enough 

Now is the time to talk about gun control. Call your house rep to oppose HR 367 the Hearing Protection Act which would make silencers legal and easy to use and call to oppose HR 2406 SHARE Act (Sportsmen Heritage and Recreation Enhancement Act) which would make armor piercing bullets legal to use and make transporting guns across state lines easier. There is also a bill still in committee on concealed carry and forcing states to recognize other states concealed carry permits.

Bonus: Also ask about NRA donations and recommend they do not accept anymore money from them. Peterson received $2,000 last election cycle and almost triple that in 2014. Cramer received $2,000 each in 2014 and 2016. Hoeven is leading the area with $8,450 in 2016. Amy and Al haven’t accepted any money.

Rep. Kevin Cramer
Fargo: 701-356-2216
Washington: 202-225-2611
Or text RESIST to 50409

Rep. Collin Peterson
Detroit Lakes: 218-847-5056
Washington: 202-225-2165
Or text RESIST to 50409

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