URGENT: The House of Representatives is about to vote on HR 620. the misleadingly named ADA Education & Reform Act, a bill designed to weaken the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It is scheduled for a vote in the House on Thurs, Feb 15, 2018.
If HR 620 passes, businesses would no longer have to comply wth the ADA. Instead, the bill requires that people with disabilities research the code, write a highly specific and complicated letter to businesses, and then wait 6 months or longer to maybe gain access. This is the way it was prior to the ADA!
HR 620 REMOVES THE CIVIL RIGHTS OF DISABLED PEOPLE! It will result in people with disabilities having to wait to access places and services that all American have access to everyday. HR 620 asks people with disabilities to wait months to be able to enter places like stores, restaurants, hotels, and theaters. This would not be asked of any other group.
A vibrant economy and a fair society depend on everyone having access to the marketplace of goods, services and ideas. People with disabilities live in every community. We are your sons and daughters; sisters and brothers; mothers and fathers; your neighbors; your employees; your employers; your customers; and your business owners!

Please call Reps Kevin Cramer and Collin Peterson requesting them to vote no on HR 620. Thank you!

Rep. Collin Peterson
Detroit Lakes: 218-847-5056
Washington: 202-225-2165

Rep Kevin Cramer
Fargo: 701-356-2216
Washington, DC: 202-225-2611